I grew up surrounded by music…everything and anything that my parents played at their restaurants!

Dwayne MollinFrom an early age I loved and listened to music and found playing it as enjoyable as listening to it. I started playing “DJ” very early in Junior High, either calling in to the radio station requesting songs or helping out at school functions as musicman. Upon completing High School in 1988, (and just barely legal), I began playing professionally in some of the local bars in my hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta. I was always trying to get into radio and finally bit the bullet and scraped up enough money to move to Calgary and obtain my Broadcasting Diploma from Mount Royal College in 1992. With that I was on to radio and television and worked for stations in Calgary, Lloydminster and Medicine Hat both behind the scenes but mostly as an On-Air Radio Personality.

During that time I also played in nightclubs in Calgary, Medicine Hat, and Edmonton as well as providing my services as a mobile DJ to numerous weddings and special functions all over the province of Alberta, Mid and South-Western Saskatchewan. Some of the functions I have done and am very proud of were for the Calgary Firefighters Children’s Hospital Burn Unit Calendar and Pageant, Edmonton Klondike Days at the Silver Slipper Saloon, and the Royal Bank of Canada. After I left the airwaves in 1996, I moved on to providing my services to nightclubs, special events and weddings in particular. I also changed hats and went back to school during this time and became a Critical Care Registered Nurse. Once I got my papers it was off to the beautiful mountains and lake in Kelowna!!

I moved to this beautiful city in September 2000 and began my nursing career at the Kelowna General Hospital helping those in dire need as a nurse in the Intensive/Critical Care Unit, but I kept true to my musical nature and began sidelining as a DJ for people I met, friends and anybody who wanted a great musical entertainer. It wasn’t long until more people were calling and I decided to come out of “early retirement” to do the one thing that I always loved the most…play music that makes you want to have fun and dance the night away! To date I have participated in over 3000 weddings, special functions and parties!!   I have many repeat clients that to this day continue to use my services and remain very satisfied customers and friends!

I want them to complain to you the next day about how tired they are, how sore their feet are, and how much fun they really, really had at your party!

I am still and always will be a huge fan of music, so if at your function one of your guests asks me, “hey, do you have that song by that guy…I can’t remember his name but it was in that 80’s movie..it was a one hit wonder…it’s like ‘do be be daa”. Chances are I’ll know the song, and if I got it…I’ll play it too! And with over 600 licensed CD’s at every event…I’ve probably got it!! That’s what a true DJ/entertainer is supposed to do, and unfortunately there are many “DJ’s” that don’t realize that point.

It is rare that you find someone who cares as much about your event as you. I sincerely do care about the success of your event…from the first song during cocktails until the last song of the night I strive to go beyond your expectations and ensure everybody goes home talking about how awesome and fun your party was!! I want them to complain to you the next day about how tired they are, how sore their feet are, and how much fun they really, really had at your party!! I really love what I do, and it shows in the way that I perform!

If you want someone who can just play some music, maybe you should consider someone else…but if you want a entertaining, passionate, energetic, involved DJ with lots of guest participation, or a more conservative, subdued one – I am very versatile, personable and definitely the entertainer for you! I can ensure your satisfaction and that a great time will be had by all your guests, family and friends…whichever style you choose!! Also, your guests are allowed to and encouraged by me throughout the night to make requests and get involved on the dancefloor. I want everyone to enjoy themselves…both the dancers and the table-talkers…as this reflects not only on me, but also on you as hosts!!

When it comes down to it – your family, friends and business colleagues…whether from here, from all over the province, or all over the world…are here to join you in your celebration. I want to give you and them both an experience that will last a lifetime…and by ensuring that I understand how you want your night to unfold, keep you in the spotlight, give you and your guests what you want and need to celebrate, and help you create the mood and those special moments you never forget is my ultimate goal for your event. Please email or call me and lets talk about you and your event! And if you are going to be visiting or do live in the Okanagan, let’s meet somewhere you are comfortable and talk about your big night and how I can help you make it everything you ever dreamed it would be!