“I have been doing functions like yours for over thirty years now, and though no two functions are ever the same, the reasoning behind them all is…and the reason is to have as much fun, celebrate and create as many enjoyable and lasting memories at your event as possible! I can help you, if you need, during the event planning stages of your function with getting the “feel” or “mood” you want right off the bat music wise. I can also help you with input towards which venues can assist you in enhancing your event and which services would also aid you along the way. Just because I am a musical entertainer/DJ doesn’t limit me to just music. I have seen and been to many events during the past 3 decades and if you need to spice things up with activities instead of clinking glasses during your reception…I can help with that. How about a beach party…I can help with that too! Black Tie function? No problem! Corporate Staff Party…lets raise the bar and make sure everyone, including the boss, gets out there and has fun tonight!!”

It is for these reasons and many more that Dwayne has proven himself to be “a cut above”.  “Many people look at the price before they look at the quality…be it a tangible item or a service, I do believe you always get what you pay for and that is why you will always find a range of prices for any service.  You can find a DJ who can do an 8 hour wedding for $500, a friend with an Ipod who can pull a playlist together or even an uncle who used to be a DJ 20 years ago.  Is that what you want your guests to remember about your party?  Your party is your gift back to your guests…let’s make sure they feel like you really want them there and you want them to have a great time! Let me help you achieve that and more! Let’s make it memorable for the right reasons…not the wrong ones!

Dwayne only takes a limited amount of bookings per year to ensure that the proper amount of time and effort is dedicated to you and your celebration.  This way both you and Dwayne can go over every detail and make sure that the party of the year is YOUR PARTY!

Dwayne also has a package for Charity/Fundraising Events with special reduced pricing…he may even do it for free!! Also, Dwayne does travel and has many other features available to you other than just music for your event such as planning assistance and can even help you find other services and vendors!

While Dwayne does specialize in weddings…don’t let that stop you from ensuring your special occasion, corporate or school function is a success. Dwayne has the experience and know-how to get your guests involved and out on the dance floor! Planning your event takes on a whole new meaning when you have someone who is as motivated and passionate as you are to make it a success, and with Dwayne you can count on that. Nobody wants to be at a party with a DJ that plays music for himself to an empty dance floor… with Dwayne you can expect your dance to be fun, exciting and interactive, and your guests requests being played all night long!! Every event that Dwayne plays features all request music. All music in Dwayne’s vast library is stereo quality and not streamed. There are no playlists except your own and Dwayne makes sure that if there are songs you want to hear…they are heard. And if there are songs you don’t want to hear…Dwayne makes sure they are never heard on your night! All guests are encouraged to make requests, and they are played if appropriate to the mood you have set and danceable. The last thing Dwayne wants is an empty dance floor, and he will do whatever it takes to get your guests out there without being obnoxious or pushy unlike some “DJs” at functions you and Dwayne have been too.

Let’s get excited about planning your event…after all, it should be fun and easy to plan a celebration and not a chore.” Check Dwayne’s availability for your date, select the package you need, get a quote, pay your deposit, pick the songs you know you want to hear and Dwayne will call you to check your availability to sit down and talk about your entire night…that way you know what you are getting and Dwayne can help make sure you get exactly what you want…and more! So relax…you are making a wise choice!

All Packages include the following:

  • Pre-event meeting with Dwayne and as much planning assistance as necessary
  • Written contract and reception/event planning package
  • Early setup on the day of your event, well before your scheduled start time
  • Lightshows of varying size depending upon package and venue size
  • Microphone accessall packages featuring wireless handheld mic if needed
  • All request music featuring a large licensed Music library
  • QSC Professional 3 Speaker Sound System with over 7500 watts of power to ensure rich, full sound
  • Fully backed up professional sound system on premises to further ensure trouble free service
  • Dwayne present the entire time as your DJ/Entertainer
  • No hidden upcharges or costly surprises – everything in writing!
  • A stress free celebration with your family and friends!